Bike Accidents

With Arizona’s gorgeous weather most of the year, it is no wonder bike riding is very popular in Scottsdale, across Maricopa County and our state. Bicycling is great for both recreation and for commuting.  Generally, the same rules of the road that apply to a car or truck also apply to bicycles.

This means that bicyclists must always pay attention and obey traffic laws. Cyclists must signal when they are turning, and they must yield the right-of-way when another motorist or cyclist has it.  This also means riding on the right-side of the road and moving with the flow of traffic.

Rules of the road for cyclists in Arizona can often lead to confusion. This confusion comes from the fact that different cities here enact their own bicycle bylaws, so what may be legal in one city may not always be legal in another. The two laws that are most often confused in Maricopa County surround the use of bike helmets and riding on sidewalks.  Before you head out for a ride, whether it be for leisure or to commute you should always know what the rules are in the area where you will be riding.  

Unfortunately, with motorists and bicycles sharing the roads, accidents and injuries occur all to frequently.  In 2018, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reported that 92% of bicycle accidents involved injuries.  Some of the most common injuries in bicycle accidents include, lacerations, neck and back injuries, broken bones and head trauma.  More serious collisions often lead to a lifetime of recovery and sometimes even death.  We have represented numerous clients in bicycle crashes due to the negligence of a distracted driver.

The most common bicycle accidents occur with distracted drivers.  Often motorists will pay attention to other cars and trucks on the roadway but fail it keep adequate lookout for cyclists or pedestrians.   Other common ways accidents occur are during left turns and when a vehicle drives in or even weaves into a designated bike lane.   Some other bicycle accidents can also occur  when a motorist does not understand  a cyclist’s hand signals or when a driver or passenger opens there door as a bike is passing by causing the cyclist to be thrown off the bike and often flipping the cyclist over the car door. 

Our Scottsdale bicycle accident firm is here to help those bike riders who have been injured in collisions due to another’s negligence. 

It can seem impossible to focus on legal concerns in the aftermath of a serious bicycle wreck. Getting out of the hospital is often just the first step in the long road to recovery. The cost of lost wages, emergency care, surgeries, and other medical treatment can add up quickly.  But putting off your consultation with an attorney can prove costly. Insurance adjusters often use strategies to get claimants to admit fault, and one misguided statement could be all it takes for them to try to derail your claim. 

We understand your rights and obligations as a cyclist and we can bring clarity to your specific accident situation. We know the laws for cyclists in Scottsdale and surrounding cities in Maricopa County.  Our expertise will ensure that the negligent party be held responsible for your injuries and our firm get you the best value for your claim.     

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